Nurturing your path to wellness

Individual psychotherapy for highly sensitive people, aphantasia, pregnancy, parents, chronic pain & illness, burnout & overwhelm.

Life doesn't feel the way you
thought it would

Maybe it never has. You pictured something different, and things don't quite feel right.

Maybe you’ve been to therapy or deep-dived online for answers, numerous times. You might also be a highly sensitive person, an empath who feels like you are drowning. You are a deep thinker and meaning maker. You have strong values. You struggle to control or feel your emotions, chronically overextend yourself, feel stuck, and experience overwhelm. You may also be in chronic pain or discomfort. You may be neurodiverse. This might look like people pleasing, goodism, overthinking, avoidance, low self-esteem, procrastination, over planning, or burnout. It’s common for this to cause difficulty in your relationships with friends and family.

You may feel like you don’t recognize yourself anymore.

Transformative change is possible

I am also a highly sensitive person, who understands the struggle of thinking and feeling deeply in an over-the-top world. I focus on helping you process feelings and beliefs, find self-compassion and self-confidence, understand and meet your needs through a self-full lens, discover strengths, and create new habits that serve your values-based goals.

Using a you-centred and trauma-informed lens, I help my clients to make sense of their world and themselves. Safe self-exploration leads you to find space to flourish and grow into the person you wish to be. Along the way, just being begins to seem… softer, easier. Self-confidence, esteem and compassion appear. Boundaries make themselves obvious and become safeguards of wellbeing. 


Does it feel as if the floor fallen from beneath you?

I know that feeling. There are so many metaphors we use to describe this feeling. Behind them is the knowledge that you cannot go on as it is (though you have been…) and something has to change. You do not know where or how to begin. The place to start is wherever you find yourself, with a simple conversation, a free short call. We’ll get a sense of each other, and decide together whether to work together, find a referral or other resources.

Photo of Shira standing outdoors. She is wearing a red dress and blue cardigan.

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