When you cannot visualize

Your aphantasia gets in the way of mindfulness, grounding and visualization. People have varying abilities to imagine, yet many therapeutic activities involve imagining a wonderful safe place or a beautiful beach. Some people just do not imagine much, if at all. They have other ways of thinking and imagining. They should also have other ways to engage in therapeutic activities!

Everyone's experience of imagining is different.

For those who can visualize, there is a range from seeing movie-level moving color pictures all the way to vague black and white shadows and outlines. Some people do not visualize or imagine with other senses at all. You should be able to access therapeutic tools tailored for you.

You may not have realized that people think differently from you.

Some people have an inner visually rich narrative, involving multiple imaginal senses. Maybe you don’t see yourself, imagine an inner child, or a relaxing scene. Other people have a very verbal, cognitive, mental voice, an inner narrator. There are many ways to think and imagine. We can focus on your strengths. 

I see clients around many areas of life difficulty, including anxiety and depression.

Do you have strengths in imagining in other ways, with your other senses? Perhaps you remember rather than imagine, smells, touch, movement, or just feelings. Together we can look for the ways that you connect to yourself, the senses you gravitate toward, and the ways that you imagine or process things, to build tools that help you feel more grounded and mindful.

Together, we can capitalize on what works for you, and help you make sense of your experiences with aphantasia.

Together, lets find your way forward

Let’s discover how your brain works best, and help you understand yourself better. Lets find the right tools for you to solve your challenges in life. Lets help you contextualize past experiences with this newfound knowledge of what it means to lack mental imagery in a world that expects that ability.

Photo of Shira standing outdoors. She is wearing a red dress and blue cardigan.