Frequently Asked Questions

How much does psychotherapy cost?

My fee is $160 per 50-minute hour, plus HST.

OHIP does not currently cover psychotherapy services. If you have private extended health insurance, it may provide some coverage. Please inquire with your insurer about coverage for Registered Psychotherapist.

My services are tax deductible.

Everyone’s journey is different. My clients typically see me for 2-6 months, and some clients are longer term. The length of our relationship depends on the challenges you want to address and the outcomes you are looking for.  Some clients are looking for help for a very specific problem, and may need only a short time. Others find therapy to be a journey of extraordinary self discovery and choose to do longer term work on personal development of their self awareness. It is important to me that you get what you want out of our time together, however long or short a time that takes. It is always your choice.

This also depends on you. I typically see clients weekly at first. Sometimes a client who is experiencing acute distress may see me twice a week. At other times, after a client begins to feel better, we stretch the frequency to bi-weekly. Eventually, sessions can space out further or become as-needed, for check-ins and dealing with setbacks. And some clients prefer to just keep it going regularly and indefinitely. Session frequency is related to your ongoing preferences, needs and therapeutic goals. We will discuss this together at our first session and ongoing. 

There are two options. You can book a quick and free call with me to ask about anything else you would like to know. Don’t hesitate to email me, if that is what is most comfortable.

Photo of Shira standing outdoors. She is wearing a red dress and blue cardigan.

Change is possible

Hi, I'm Shira

I am a Registerd Psychotherapist (Qualifying) offering support for parents-to-be, new parents, the early parenting years, chronic pain and illness, and highly sensitive people. I offer a safe, therapeutic relationship where you can work through your past and current issues, find your strengths, and feel more like yourself. If you would like to learn about working with me, lets set up a free short call.