We can look for self-full

In whatever roles you play in life – parent, high powered business person, caregiver, or run-of-the-mill human being, you feel like life is too much. You have spread yourself thin and you are run-down. You strive to always perform at a high level, holding yourself to high standards. You are there for everyone but yourself. And you are. just. done. You want out of the whirlwind. 

You want to find centre

You also value relationships, and well being, and you don’t want to let down the people you care about and who care about you. You are struggling to understand how to help them, while also helping yourself. You don’t know how to choose yourself or ground yourself. You may not even know what you want, desire or need anymore. Yet you want to feel inspired and motivated again.  You want to find yourself. Feel grounded. At peace. Calm. You want to find passion, joy, fun and excitement in your life again.

Sorting out who you are, and what you need to thrive

It’s really difficult to find a way to feel better when you are overwhelmed and burnt out. Somewhere along the way, you lost yourself in the mix. It can be important to explore the beliefs and patterns that brought you to this point. Some will be circumstances in life, others will be about how you’ve experienced or perceived things. By building an understanding, and addressing the mindbody side of being in a state of nervous system activation, you can begin to discern what you need in order to thrive again.

Truly taking care of your self isn't the same as self-care

Self-care has a bad connotation these days. It feels superficial… get your nails done, get a message, shower regularly… it doesn’t account for systemic inequalities, financial constraints, situations that just cannot change, or the limited capacity a person may have to help themself. It also doesn’t acknowledge the role that communities need to play in keeping everyone mentally healthy. 

Self-care isn’t about the actions you take. Self-care is about the intention behind any action that you take to care for yourself. It’s the step of self-compassion that motivates the superficial action and makes it meaningful. Something as simple as a walk, or shower can be just basic care of your body, and it can also be a monumental act of self-compassion that changes how you feel about yourself, others and the world, even within your life’s constraints.

Learn to feel light again

As the saying goes, ‘it takes a village.’ Not just to raise children, but also to support everyone’s needs. Sometimes reaching out for therapy is a part of accessing that village. Sometimes therapy is your first act of loving self-compassion in a while, or in a lifetime. Healing isn’t a straight path, so along the path to lightness there can be shadows and setbacks. Growth takes time and gentle patience, which a therapist can help you access. 

Battling burnout?

When you are burnt out, the hardest thing to do can be reaching out for necessary help. There are many resources out there to help you on your path to feeling light again. Psychotherapy is one of those resources. Please reach out and let’s discover whether I might be able to help.

Photo of Shira standing outdoors. She is wearing a red dress and blue cardigan.